Apr 23, 2010

La Violetera (1958) Rapidshare Links Download

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La Violetera (1958) Rapidshare Links Download


Drama, Musical, Romance

6 April 1958 (Spain)

Luis César Amadori

Sara Montiel, Raf Vallone, Franck Villard, Tomás Blanco, Pastor Serrador, Tony Soler, Félix Fernández, Robert Pizani, Charles Fawcett, Aurora García Alonso, Laura Valenzuela, Julia Delgado Caro, Julio Goróstegui, Ana de Leyva, Carmen Rodríguez

On New Year's Eve 1899, Soledad (Sara Montiel) is peddling violets in a Madrid busy street when she meets aristocrat Fernando (Raf Vallone). The couple falls in love but their different social backgrounds threatens the relationship. Fernando is under constant pressure from his older brother Alfonso (Tomas Blanco) who reminds him of his duties including his engagement to Magdalena (Ana Mariscal), a countess. Disregarding all social conventions and scandalizing high society, Fernando sets up Soledad in a plush apartment and announces their marriage plans. Alfonso gets killed in a duel trying to save the family honor. Fernando, feeling devastated and guilty by his brother's death, decides to put an end to the affair. Heartbroken, Soledad runs away and ends up singing for a living at Salon Bolero . There she meets Andre (Frank Villard), a French promoter who offers to make her a singing star. Meanwhile, Fernando realizes that he cannot live without Soledad and tries to find her but, by then, she has gone to Paris. Soledad's singing conquers France and she becomes a stage superstar touring Europe in triumph always with Andre at her side. He is now in love with her but Soledad has never been able to forget Fernando. In the meantime Fernando has married Magdalena and taken a post as ambassador in South America but Soledad is always in his heart. On their way to New York aboard the Titanic, Soledad and Andre get involved in the transatlantic tragedy. Andre drowns and Soledad looses her voice due to shock. Her career over, she returns to Spain alone, depressed and penniless. Time passes. It's New Year's Eve and Soledad tries to make a modest come back at Salon Bolero. Fernando, now a widower, walks in the joint. She sings, their eyes meet and they finally embrace as a new year is proclaimed.

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