Mar 26, 2010

Missing (1982) (DVDRip) Rapidshare Links Download

Missing (1982) (DVDRip) Rapidshare Links Download

Year:- 1982
Runtime:- 123 mins (Widescreen)
Language:- English
Director:- Costa-Gavras
Writers:- Thomas Hauser (book), Costa-Gavras, Donald Stewart
Cast:- Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, Melanie Mayron, John Shea, Charles Cioffi, David Clennon, Richard Venture, Jerry Hardin, Richard Bradford, Joe Regalbuto, Keith Szarabajka, John Doolittle, Janice Rule, Ward Costello

Plot:- 'Missing' centers around the disappearance of Charles Horman, an American expatriate who lives with his wife Beth in South America. One night, armed soldiers enter their home and drag him away. In desperation, Beth decides to contact Charles's father, Ed, and ask for help. In contrast to his left-wing daughter-in-law, Ed is staunchly patriotic. But as he gets the runaround from both American and Chilean officials, Ed receives a cold, hard lesson in political reality... and learns some ugly truths about US involvement in Latin America.





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