Mar 28, 2010

It's a Man's World (2010) Rapidshare Links Download

It's a Man's World (2010) Rapidshare Links Download

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Movie Name : It's a Man's World
Year of Release : 2010
Release Date : 26 March 2010
Producer : Vijay Pereira, Rishiraj Handa
Creative Director : Vijay Pereira
Director : Rishiraj Handa
Cast : Mir Mohsin Aktar, Mouli Ganguly, Bobby Vats, Swati Astana, Mikhill Ramani, Ankit Sakhuja, Ranjeett Jha, Shakti Arora, Smita Bansal, Jayashree Arora, Riyaz Qureshi
Special Appearance : Rajesh Khera, Iqbal Azad, Anupam Shyam, Yusuf Hussain
Music Director : Gaurav Issar, Saurabh Sengupta
Lyricist : Saurabh Sengupta
Cinematographer : Anil Singh
Story Writer : Saurabh Sengupta
Dialogue Writer : Saurabh Sengupta
Screenplay Writer : Saurabh Sengupta
Editor : Rajesh Panchal, Jeetendra Singh
Production Designer : Ashish Maity
Audiography : S.K. Singh
Background Sound : Luv-Kush
Choreographer : Longie Fernandes
Publicity Designer : Studio Link
Publicity Consultant : Neharaj Singh, Aryeman., Aditya Chopra
PRO : Limewater, Showbiz Stars
Associate Director : Anil Singh

Synopsis :
Like any successful entrepreneur, Vishal Rana (played by Mohsin Akhtar) has a blueprint for wealth creation. Though his mode of operation may not be found in a best-business-practices manual, his vision has plenty of takers. “It’s A Man’s World” is a compelling story of the hopes and dreams of his recruits who come to Mumbai from small towns in pursuit of a single-minded goal: To make big money and to make it quick. Perhaps, the one thing they have in common with their dollar-eyed counterparts in India’s premier B-schools.

Shakti is the erstwhile heart throb of teenyboppers in a sleepy town in Punjab. His father’s business goes bust, drowning the entire family in debt. Hoping to cash in on his chocolate boy looks, he makes the long trip to Bollywood. But barely gets beyond the casting couch. True, he steadily builds up a fan following, but it’s only at the local dance bar. And his nearest rival is a sex worker named Dimple. A woman he can’t help falling for despite their constant bickering.

Mikhil, from Uttar Pradesh, dreams of marrying his childhood sweetheart, but the murder of his father at the hands of land-grabbing relatives shatters his rose-tinted world. He seeks the help of an uncle in Mumbai to rebuild his future. Betrayed again he lands a profession that could easily set him up for life, but also ruin the chances of living with his one and only love, Lali, happily ever after.

Krish is very close to his mother. The fact that his father batters her has only strengthened the bond between mother and son. Determined to save her from such sustained cruelty, he escapes to Mumbai in search of a life that he can flee his mother to in the shortest possible time. He prospers swiftly enough to plan his mother’s journey to a new beginning. But will she approve of the means he’s chosen to this well-intentioned end?

Ranjit left Bihar as an eleven year-old to work as a domestic help in the city. After years of abuse at the hands of his paedophilic master, the boy discovers another way of making a lot more money to send back home.

To each of them, the hard-wired Vishal is a saviour - in a slave-driving, whip-cracking, ruthless sort of way. Much like aggressive managers that the over-ambitious corporate world breeds, Vishal is willing to do harm to achieve his objective. He’s prone to violent outbursts and undermines others without remorse. But the boys remain grateful. He has groomed them and given their small-town personas an urban makeover and a shot at easy wealth.

Until Aditi enters into Vishal’s life. And so the saga continues, this constant intertwining and unraveling of Dreams, Hopes, Reality - the very strands of our existence – pulling together to shape the evolving tapestry of life. It’s a Man’s World puts forward the shocking lives of male prostitutes blended with the humane and emotional side of the flesh trade.

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